But I Don’t Want To Teach!

Some people come by this site and blow it off because they don’t ever have any dreams of sitting inside a classroom and teaching young hellions. That’s fine. But these people fail to realize that we all are teachers in one sense of the word or another. The problem is that many people don’t see this and end up blowing it when it comes their chance to actually teach something.

Maybe we teach a child how to tie her shoe. Maybe we teach a friend how to play a new guitar chord. Maybe we teach our coworker the unwritten rules of the workplace. Maybe we teach our parents how to use electronics. Whatever the case, everyone is a teacher of other people at some point or another.

My challenge for you is to find something on this site that could directly apply to your world. If you are a formal classroom teacher, that’s great! Surely you can find useful stuff on here. If you are an employer or an employee or a parent or a counselor or a friend or whatever, brainstorm and come up with ideas you have about how you are a teacher in your world.

Blog about it. Tell me about it. Add a comment here. Better yet (or even in addition to these), send me an email so you can be featured on here during Reader Appreciation Month. Even if you’re not a teacher. ESPECIALLY if you’re not a teacher. We can learn a lot more from you than you think.

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  1. i am a fresh graduate of faculty of languages,English department,from a while i helped my neighbour's child in studying English language and as time passed i notted that he was really showing progress and interaction which really affected me positively.I found out that i can teach and i love teaching and it's ok with me to work more than hard in order to get a positive result.I hope God would grant me success in the field that i like.oh,by the way am Egyptian and i adore both languages Arabic and English

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