Can private tutors really instill the love of learning in your child?

Being a parent is the most beautiful thing that could happen to all of us in life. Once we have children, nothing can ever be more important than their guidance and their overall well-being in life. Therefore, parents try to find the best opportunities for their kids to engage in and help them make the best decisions from an early stagein their existence.

When it comes to children, every age comes with peculiarities in terms of needs and requirements. The proper education of children is a constant concern among parents interested in shaping the best possible futurefor them. Moreover, a question that is on numerous people’s minds these days is whether private tutors can really instill the love of learning in children. Therefore, today, we will analyze this aspect and see what the reality has proven from this perspective so far.

The perfect substitute for busy parents

One of the main reasons why hiring a private tutor has become so popular in the last few years is represented by the busy schedule of parents working worldwide. Everyone is engaged in building a career these days and ensuring the financial status that helps families live a decent life.

With numerous daily tasks always waiting to be done and a wide range of chores for the house that require the parents’ attention, relying on the support of a private educator has become a golden rule in modern society. However, how beneficial is this new modern trend for children and their education for life?


Private tutors: a modern society necessity or a beneficial solution on the long-term?

Specialists always seem to find new factors to consider for debate when trying to establish whether this is really a beneficialsolution for children or not. The aspect that is mostly mentioned in such discussions refers to whether this is a practical solution for parents only or one that actually helps instill the love of learning in children. Education is necessary at any age as well as raising awareness about the necessity of acquiring the skills that will help children in life. But do private tutors make kids learn because they have to or help them find the proper inspiration to want to learn new things every day?

Most analysts say that this depends on the educators working as private tutors as well as the children they work with in each case. Certainly, a well-prepared teacher who knows how to make any new learning session fun, interesting and practical can manage to attract any child and inspire him. Actually, the most effective methods of teaching and learning have proven to be the ones in which students of any age engage with pleasure, by showing real interest in the subjects opened for discussion thus registering great results systematically.

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Therefore, a private tutor can be the perfect option for helping your child acquire the knowledge and skills he needs as long as the whole education process is taken seriously every single time. Every hour spent with a private educator should be used to its maximum potential and both parts should be seriously involved to ensure the best possible end-results for the student.


Private lessons: the perfect solution when traditional school lessons are not enough

Moreover, a private tutor is also the perfect solution when traditional education does not seem to offer students the proper environment in which to evolve as they should. Every child needs to go to school and pass through all the necessary stages of education together with other children of the same age. This way, they do not only acquire the necessary knowledge systematically but also learn other valuable principles for their social life.

However, sometimes just going to school like everyone else does not help certain students acquire the results they want. This is when parents also consider the idea of offering them support by hiring a private tutor to help the child get back on track on a single subject or a range of subjects in which he lacks the necessary skills or knowledge. A private tutor will offer him his full attention according to an established timetable and will build a customized teaching program for him.

Moreover, this is also a great solution when the class teacher at school does not inspire your child in any way. He might be more interested than others in a certain subject and might want to take the learning process to the next level yet might not receive the necessary support at school. In this case, hiring a professional to offer the child support in private and focus solely on his needs and requirements is the best option to take into account.


Finally, choosing to hire a private tutor can be a great next step for parents to consider in all the above-mentioned circumstances and other specific. Thinking about the well-being of your child has nothing to do with being either traditional or modern in terms of thinking but it has everything to do with being aware of what your child really needs at any given moment. Find the right person to handle the educational needs of your kid and he will be inspired to learn for life and not just for good grades.


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2 Comments on Can private tutors really instill the love of learning in your child?

  1. Great Post.
    I have been a private tutor for over 7 years. One of the main factor I found that motivates student is the relationship you have with your student.
    Parents should look for a tutor who provides free 1-2 sessions. This allows student and tutor to find out whether or not they are good fit for each other. It does not matter how knowledgeable you are as a tutor, if your student does not have a good relationship with you, the result is not so great.

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