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I am excited to be able to offer opportunities for guest posting on So You Want To Teach? However, due to an overwhelming number of off-topic article submissions and overall time constraints in my own schedule, the guest articles have to be great. Therefore, only the highest quality articles will be given consideration. Below is some information that will help give you the best chance to get an article published.

Thank you, and some background

First of all, thank you for your interest in writing an article to be featured on So You Want To Teach? I have maintained this website since June 2007, with articles dating back to February 2007. As of July, 2016, the blog has over:

625 RSS subscribers
1,925 Twitter Followers
1,250 Facebook Fans

As a result, your article will reach thousands of educators, many of whom will pass the information along to others in their network. So, what kinds of articles have the best chance of success? The top 10 Guest posts on the site are:

  1. 5 Classroom Management Skills Every Teacher Must Have
  2. 45 Tasks for Parent Volunteers in the Classroom
  3. 50 Online Reference Sites for Teachers
  4. 25 Free Apps for Tech-Loving Teachers
  5. Are Classroom Rules Needed?

Those articles all have over 20,000 pageviews as of June, 2016. The next 5 have over 12,000 pageviews.

  1. 20 Great Websites for Teachers
  2. 137 Tech Resources for Teachers and Students
  3. Early Childhood Education: What Makes a Great Teacher
  4. 8 Teachers Who Changed History
  5. 5 Killer Classroom Management Tips

Clearly, the topics that resonate the most with my readers are classroom management and lists of online teaching resources.


Your bio will be at the beginning of the article and will look something like this:

Joel is a band director from Texas who has taught for over 13 years. He writes about teaching at Follow him on Twitter at @sywtt or become a Facebook fan.

I’m really not all that concerned with how many links you include or how much information, as long as you’re linking to legit sites.


The icon at the top of each article is based on your email address. If you have not yet set up a Gravatar, it will display a generic Question Mark icon. So hop on over and set it up at your convenience.


Each article on the blog has an accompanying image. If you want to include a specific one (please ensure copyright permission), feel free. Otherwise, I will find one from of my own.


Make the article as long as you feel is appropriate. You may break longer articles up into installments, or just send one big huge thing. You will have the most success with at least four paragraphs.

Suggested Topics

Ultimately, I ask myself “Can a first year teacher read this article and go away having an elevated sense of HOPE or at least apply something from it in the classroom tomorrow to make life better?” If the answer is no, then we can rework it some to get it more in line with the target audience. Ultimately, this will help your article perform better. Some suggested topics that tend to do well include:

  • Classroom management
  • Solving problems for first-year teachers
  • Inspirational/optimistic/it’s all going to get better soon type posts
  • Personal development
  • Organization
  • What were you least prepared for this year?
  • What were you most prepared for this year?
  • What were some of the biggest surprises this year; things that you never guessed might happen based on your student teaching experience?
  • What advice would you give to students enrolled in teacher preparation courses
  • What advice would you give the ten year younger version of yourself
  • Lists of technology resources
  • Useful education or music related infographics


You may include links in the blog. Many contributors ask me about including “do follow” links. There is technically no such thing as a “do follow” link, but I do not add the “nofollow” tag to links in blog posts.


You can view all previous guest articles from this site here: Guest Contributions

Feel free to email me if you have any further questions.

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