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5 Steps That Took Me From “I Hate Teaching” To “I Love Teaching”

June 5, 2016 Joel Wagner 0
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See if you can relate
“I regret choosing this profession! I wish I was still back in college! I just want to go live at home and never have to work again! Oh wait, teaching provides insurance benefits, so I guess I’ll just stick it out.” Ever been there? It doesn’t have to be that way. This can all change TODAY. It did for me. Here’s how.

An introduction
Without a question, one of the top search results that sends people to my blog is “I Hate Teaching.” It was #2 over the past 12 months. #1 was “Classroom Management Skills“, which is essentially “Help! Want To Love Teaching, But I Hate Teaching.” ...

Work from Anywhere, And Touch Other Lives by Teaching English Online

September 29, 2012 aileen 0
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Aileen Pablo is part of the team behind Open Colleges, one of Australia’s leading providers of Open Learning and distance education. When not working, Aileen blogs about education and career.She is often invited as a speaker in Personality Development Seminars in the Philippines.If you are interested in featuring her works in your blog, you can find her on Google+.

People get into teaching for a variety of reasons, but two of the biggest are the ability it gives you to personally connect with students and continue learning and growing yourself.

At first glance, becoming an online ESL teacher might seem like an odd way to do this. How can you connect with people when you’re not even in the same ...

What To Do When You Hate Teaching

September 3, 2012 Joel Wagner 1
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Disillusionment is common to most of us involved in the teaching profession. We all deal with it at one point or another. Here’s the general path many of us take:

  • You major in education because you want to change the world
  • You realize that in order to teach, you need a find a job
  • You go through disappointing interview after disappointing interview and are told if you had more experience, you would be perfect for the job
  • You get frustrated that the only way to get experience is to get the job they won’t give you because you don’t have experience
  • Some school district that was not your first choice offers you a chance…finally
  • You take the job because it

10 Years of Teaching: How Do I Keep My Students Engaged?

June 8, 2012 Joel Wagner 1
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Five years ago, I wrote a series of seven articles called “Questions That Will Save Your Career” that still remain among the most visited articles on this site. When I wrote those, I had successfully completed my 5th year in education. This summer, after 10 years, I am revisiting some of these older concepts. Today, I revisit How Do I Keep My Students Engaged?

  1. How Do I Keep My Students Quiet?
  2. How Do I Keep My Students Engaged?
  3. How Do I Keep My Students Interested?
  4. How Do I Keep My Students Learning?
  5. How Do I Keep My Students Away From Me?
  6. How Do I Keep My School Administration Happy?
  7. How Do I Keep My Sanity?
  8. 10 Years of Teaching: How
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