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Why Experience Is The Best Teacher

September 5, 2012 Joel Wagner 0
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“You’ll understand when you’re older.”

We tell that to our students, and they don’t like. We hear it when we start out in the teaching world and we don’t like. I remember an experienced band director told me once that he would tell me how to be a better teacher if he knew. He just knew that experience would help me get better. That frustrated me to no end.

I’m a step-by-step guy (if you haven’t noticed by reading other articles on this blog). “Just figure it out” is annoying to me. The way I like to figure things out is to look up the answers and work from there. “Experience is the best teacher” didn’t quite do that for ...

The Hunt For The Missing Carnival

March 10, 2009 Joel Wagner 4
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Turns out I’m not the only teacher out there who gets so busy teaching that he overlooks his blog somewhat. Perhaps you can relate. Oh, I’m sure you can! It happens to us all. We get bogged down with so many things in our life that the unimportant things shift to the back. Hopefully.

Sometimes if we’re not careful, we let the important things shift to the back-burner. That’s an altogether different problem there…

But now that I have a new design for my blog (that is growing on me more and more each day, by the way), I am inspired to get things really running on all cylinders. Or at least one a few more.

So I got a ...

Less Stress: Only Work At Work

October 29, 2007 Joel Wagner 0
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Each morning when I come into the band hall, there are always a handful of students who come to drop off their instruments before school. Often they will come in and stand around talking. Because our custodian runs the vacuum each day and doesn’t fix the chairs after he finishes, the entire classroom has to be set up each day. I would prefer that they either practice their instruments or leave, but my coworker wants his students to come in and socialize or whatever. Since he gets to school later than I do, I have come up with a plan that works. I tell them to find something productive to do. That could be setting up chairs and stands, ...

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