Flashback Friday

May 1, 2009 Joel Wagner 1

I’ve been thinking lately about trying to have each day be a sort of theme day. I don’t intend on posting every day (that’s not […]

Falling Behinder

January 28, 2009 Joel Wagner 3

Despite my best efforts, my computer has crashed. It’s old and the thing was running pretty slowly. I have reinstalled Windows and am in the […]

Personal Questions

January 18, 2009 Joel Wagner 4

Calebteaches got me thinking about this today. How old are you? Do you have a girlfriend? Do you have a MySpace? I love working with […]

18 Again

December 30, 2008 Joel Wagner 0

I saw a great post on The Yellow Board today. The author asks a simple question: This is a little “out there”, but let’s say […]

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