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Seven Years Later: 7 Things I Would Do Before My First Year As A Teacher If I Knew Then What I Know Now

My Twitter friend @MissCalcul8 recently posted on her blog soliciting help from her readers about how to prepare for her first year as an official teacher. She has been subbing some this year. I thought it was a great question, so I wanted to post my responses here as well as send you over to her blog to offer up some more suggestions (and perhaps subscribe to her RSS feed!). So without further ado, here are 7 things I would do before my first year as a teacher if I knew then what I know now. Figure out a classroom management plan (with or without rules) that works well for you. Make friends like crazy with other teachers. If

When Is It Time To Relocate?

On the one hand, I love my job. I absolutely love the kids I work with and am on pretty good terms with the rest of the band staff. On the other hand, my life is pretty boring. I have never been a crazy partier or anything (I don't drink alcohol or much caffeine for that matter). I don't go out to clubs and can't stand the bar environment. But in a relatively small town (less than 50,000 people) that is over an hour from the next closest reasonably sized town, life can get to feeling pretty isolated. A question I have for those of you out there who have been in this type of situation: When did you feel

The Loneliest Articles of 2008

In the Christmas break, I am looking back at this blog’s growth and development. I did this last year and it helped some of the newer readers to catch some of the things they missed out on. I know that since the year started with around 125 subscribers and is ending with around 600, many of you haven't gone in and dug through the archives. These year-end summaries will help you out a little bit! As I look through the blog’s archive, it strikes me that there are some articles that have either been buried deep in the archives, or for whatever reason, have gone unnoticed by my readers. So I am giving all of those articles a chance to

Thanksgiving Break 2008

As I've written in the past in How Not To Waste Spring Break (or Summer Vacation, or Christmas Break, or Saturday, or Tonight!), I prefer to spend my down time doing things productive. I am fortunate that my school is off for this entire week. So what have I done? Caught up on housework As a single guy, housekeeping just doesn't seem to find its way to the top of my priority list all the time. This weekend, I caught up on laundry, cleared out some space in my spare bedroom and made it a functional office, completely cleaned the living room, and just got caught up on things that fall behind. Mariachi practice Mariachi has become my

Top 50 Edublogs?

The conventional wisdom from professional bloggers is to come up with a regular posting frequency and to stick to it. If you post once a day normally, don't do more than that. If you post Once a week, don't do more than that. Also don't do less. Well, it's summer. I am home a bit more now and actually getting a chance to read some blogs finally again. Other teachers are home more now too. So I see some cool stuff that I want to share. I'm going to throw the conventional blogging wisdom out the window for now and post whenever I dang well feel like it! Who's with me here? :) That being said, I will continue with

The Blog Revolution On Hold

For reasons beyond my control, my blogging time will be extraordinarily limited this week (lots of concerts and exhaustion has begun to catch up on me). For these reasons, I will be putting the Blog Revolution Project on hold for this week. It will presumably resume again on Monday the 19th. Thanks for bearing with me. While you are waiting, I invite you to check out these outstanding blogs that have linked to my articles recently: Betty's Blog : Friends Resource for Bloggers Carnival - 12th Edition | My lucky number 13 Tag: I’m It! Guitar Building, The Daily Grind and a Lottery Wish at : Education and School Issues, News and Analysis A Little Personal « The

Stuff About Joel

Matthew tagged me. Blame it all on him! With round 3 of TAKS testing coming up next week, we all could use a little break. The rules: The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you've posted your answer. Got it. 1) What was I doing 10 years ago? 1998. Wow, I don't really know! Ha. I was finishing up my sophomore

Look Who’s Talking Now!

April is already shaping up to be a record-setting month for So You Want To Teach? We are well on our way to seeing 16,000 visitors or more this month. I am way behind on emails. Please forgive me! I am way behind on comments. I am way behind on reading other blogs. UIL is this Thursday. After that, things begin to resume some remote semblance or normalcy. Please don't expect me to begin catching up until Friday. The comments are taking off on here! I want to consider starting up a message forum and really transforming this site into a wealth of knowledge for teachers. I especially want to help out my new and prospective teacher buddies. According to

The Honeymoon Is Over: What Killed My First Teaching Job And 7 Tips For Getting Your Next Job

As I have written before, I was terrible at classroom management. My first two years were miserable. I hated teaching. Then it happened. I absolutely believe that I would be the same teacher today that I was then if it had not happened! You see, I wasn't fired but in a moment I lost my first teaching job. What happened? We had a friend of mine come in to work with the high school band and the two junior high bands. He is a retired band director and is an outstanding clinician. He came and worked with all three bands. My band (the second junior high band) was bad. I knew that. I had kids who would talk back to me and just

The Top 10 Rejected Meanings of TAKS

This is a guest post by Mister Teacher of Learn Me Good. Mister Teacher teaches third grade near Dallas, TX. Greetings, faithful readers of So You Want to Teach? Do not attempt to change the channel! We have taken control of the vertical; we have taken control of the horizontal; we have taken control of clichés and tag lines from old 60’s sci-fi television shows. Joel has graciously offered me the opportunity to write a guest post here on his blog. So I suppose I should take a moment to identify myself. My name is Mister Teacher, and I have a drinking problem. No wait, now's not the time to say that. Let me

The Loneliest Articles of 2007

In the Christmas break, I am looking back at this blog's growth and development. I began writing a little bit for the blog in February, but didn't officially launch it for real until June. Since that time, growth has been pretty consistent. I now seem to regularly get a small number of comments for every article I write, with some eliciting more than others. As I look through the blog's archive, it strikes me that there are some articles that have either been buried deep in the archives, or for whatever reason, have gone unnoticed by my readers. So I am giving all of those articles a chance to redeem themselves, come up to the light of day. Here is

65 Things You Should Do Right Now To Avoid Teacher Burnout

This past Tuesday, I took a day off of school. This is not normal for me, and I even had to fight my urge to go up to school and make sure things were running smoothly. I even drove up to the school and chose not to get out of the car. Why? Because I had a chance where I knew I could relax for a day and things wouldn't fall apart. I suppose it's sort of a building process for me of letting go of my band. I don't like to miss school. I remember my parents encouraging me when I was in high school to miss a day when I didn't fell well. I have been debating missing a day

Less Stress: Declutter Your Desk

I have written about having a clear desk before in passing, but here is a little bit about why to do it as well as how to do it. This is a real picture of my half of the office at work. Imagine coming to work each morning and having a nice, calm, clear workspace. Do you think it would help jump start your work day? I know for me, I am able to get to work, sit down in my (clearly uncomfortable) chair, and relax. We've all read the sign atop a messy desk: "A Clean Desk Is The Sign of a Diseased Mind." That is an excuse given by people who don't want to bother with coming up

SYWTT’s Job Search Resource Page

It's nearing the end of August. Hopefully, you are not looking for a new job this early in the school year, but studies say that 60% of people are thinking of switching jobs at any given time. If this is you, you may want to check out The Ultimate Job Hunt Guide over at Chief Happiness Officer's blog. I've written a some on the topic of switching jobs before. Here are some good articles to get you started. Invalid Reasons Teachers Quit Valid Reasons Teachers Quit 9 Reasons To Quit Teaching (And 10 Reasons To Stick) The Total Résumé Makeover Polishing The Résumé