7 Ways To Impress Your College Professor


This is a guest post by Liz Cutten, who helps run FindCollegeCards, a college student blog that helps students learn about everything college.

All college professors are different, but what youíre going to find out is that all of them are human, and many of them are going to be impressed by the same things. I went to college over 6 years, and what I had found out is that most professors will honestly look at the good students in a different way, compared to those that are bad.

Now, I know when you read the title, youíre probably thinking, ďI donít want to be suck up!Ē, and thatís fine. Iím not writing this to show you how to brown nose, or suck up to your teacher. Instead, this is a way to show self respect to your teacher, and be on their good side, rather than the bad side. Trust me, teachers will grade differently on those who respect them more. They wonít come out and say this, but if you know someone that has taught in the past, or present, they may tell you this when they have drank one too many.

  1. Always show up on time
    This is a no-brainer. When your class starts at 8AM, show up at that time. If you show up late, not only are you disrupting the class, youíre ticking everyone off. Itís really not that hard to show up on time. Get on a schedule, and stick with it. With todayís world of technology, you should know about traffic, the weather, and everything else ahead of time thatís going to hold you back.
  2. Show up to class
    A professor hates a person that shows up only 50% of the time. The person that always skips is the one thatís going to always ask the dumb questions. Unless youíre sick, donít skip out. In college, youíre paying for your classes, so thereís no reason on why you should skip out.
  3. Turn off all electronics
    Yes, I know we all have iPods, Phones, Laptops, and more. You can bring these to class, but for the love of god, TURN THEM OFF! I donít know how many times Iíve been in class where Iíve heard the cell phones go off.
  4. Be patient
    Your teacher is more than likely willing to help, but what you have to understand is that they canít help you 24/7. If you have a question at 2:30AM, you canít just shoot an e-mail, and expect the answer back within a few minutes. Cut your teacher some slack, and donít harass them. They will more than likely get to your question sooner, or later.
  5. Follow directions
    It sounds stupid, but many people canít even do this. Your teacher is always going to set rules, and have direction for assignments. As long as you follow them, youíre going to be good as gold. You donít have to be the rebel out there thatís going to break all the rules, because youíre not going to prove anything by doing this.
  6. Do your work
    Homework is given out for a reason, and the same goes with your reading assignments. Always make sure that youíre keeping up with the class. If you canít accomplish this one, youíre going to find that youíre going to slide fast. Trust me, a teacher can always spot someone that doesnít know what he/she is doing.
  7. Be respectful
    Treat your teacher with respect. Raise your hand to answer questions, be polite to your fellow classmates, and ask your questions that donít relate to anything after class. As long as you show respect toward your professor, he/she will show it back to you.

It never hurts to be respectful to your professor. By impressing them, youíre going to find that youíre going to have an advantage of those that donít. What does this mean? With some teachers, it may mean nothing, and while with others, it may mean a grade higher, when grading essays, etc.

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