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4 Ways You Can Keep Your Kids Busy at Home Amidst COVID 19

There’s no denying of the fact, COVID-19 has given birth to several challenges across the globe for parents who had school going kids. Young age is a time when kids are supposed to be encapsulated in academic institutions for a better future. However, this year it is tough to say if schools and colleges will reopen anytime sooner. This is the main reason, a lot of parents across the globe are worried about their kid’s education and are looking for creative ways to keep their munchkins busy at home.

Not to forget, there are several activities that can have a strong impact on young minds while they’re at home. Read on to know more:

1.      Have Open Conversations

The first and easiest way to engage kids at home is to allow them in open conversations. Although coronavirus has taken a big toll on everyone’s routine throughout the globe but has allowed families to sit together at once place, encourage your children to ask questions and talk to them about things you’ve never discussed. It is best if you can engage them in healthy conversations through quizzes and other techniques. For instance, when you plan their math worksheets, you can carve an interesting questionnaire for them.

2.      Work on Their Skills Development

Although there is no perfect age for someone to learn a new skill, it is still best if your kids learn several important skills during their young age. Skills development is the most important phase of a child’s life because it is what they carry for the rest of their lives. As a parent, you must consider your responsibility to teach them about reading, listening, writing, painting, and a lot more at home. The more time you spend with your children, the better it will be for their mental growth. Spending more time with their parents will allow them to build a strong emotional connection.

3.      Plan Their Routine Together

One of the leading mistakes, a lot of parents make is when they don’t allow their kids to participate in routine planning. Now that they’re at home all the time, you can’t push them out of the house to play because it’s not safe. Instead of letting them become a couch potato for the entire day, ask them to carve their routine with you. Jot down all the tasks on a piece of paper and make sticky notes. This way, they will feel more empowered and responsible at a young age. Keep in mind, engaging kids in the house chores is a good way to develop their skills.

4.      Build a Study Corner For Them

With COVID-19 being omnipresent across the globe, no one is sure about the exact date for the reopening of academic institutions. Secondly, because it is not wise enough to keep children away from their studies for a long time, you need to engage them in studies. Set aside a study corner for them so that they feel responsible for completing their monthly work assessments. Don’t forget to keep in touch with their school management. Amidst this pandemic, most schools across the globe are giving online classes and assigning monthly work.

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