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10 Free Ed-Tech Resources to Implement in the Classroom

This article is by Karen Schweitzer, the Guide to Business School. Since it was published in 2009, 5 of the original 15 sites have gone away. It’s now 10 Free Ed-Tech Resources to Implement in the Classroom. Enjoy.


Teachers who are looking for technology to implement in their classroom can find many different resources online. From presentation apps to educational microblogs, the Internet has everything teachers need to improve learning experiences and productivity in the classroom. Here are 10 free ed-tech resources worth exploring:

Mindomo – Mindomo is a versatile mind mapping tool that makes it easy to create, organize, and share your ideas. It is a great brainstorming tool for the classroom.

SlideShare – SlideShare is the world’s largest presentation sharing community. It can be used to upload class presentations, share class lessons, embed presentations into a blog, and find interesting slideshows.

Edmodo – This microblogging site was created specifically for teachers and students. Edmodo can be used to share notes, files, assignments, grades, and events.

Edublogs – Edublogs is free blogging platform for teachers and students who want to start their own education-related blog. Special features include 20MB of free space, import/export capability, and blogger tutorials.

Flash Card Machine – The Flash Card Machine can be used by teachers and students to create and share flashcards online. Cards can be organized and built into customizable sites.

KeepandShare – KeepandShare is a secure file sharing network that’s perfect for the classroom. Students and teachers can store and share files, photos, documents, class calendars, and more.

Google Docs – This free web based suite of tools from Google gives classrooms the ability to collaborate and share assignments online. The suite includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation tool.

Zap Reader – Zap Reader is a speed reading program for reading text on a computer. You simply insert the text into the web based program and start reading. Zap Reader users can read up to 300% quicker without losing comprehension.

Evernote – This free web app allows you to capture notes, lists, reminders, research, and more. Evernote can be accessed with any Internet capable device, making it easy for students and teachers to access research and notes from home.

Eduslide – Eduslide is free software that can be used to create and publish educational content online. A few of the things you can create include slideshows, chat rooms, wikis, and testing modules.

Karen is the Guide to Business School. She also writes for, an online college class resource.

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Karen Schweitzer
Karen is the Guide to Business School. She also writes for, an online college class resource.