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3 Reasons For Moms To Become Teachers

This guest post is contributed by Anna Miller, who writes on the topic of online degrees . She welcomes your comments at her email id:

1161775_proud_motherIt’s a job like no other because it involves both change and routine – you follow a similar routine every day and year after year, but you also see change in the form of different students and a new class every year. It may not be the highest paying job, but teaching at a school is probably one of the best options for most people because it not only allows you to grow as an individual, it also brings you a great deal of satisfaction because you know you’re making a significant difference in the lives of so many youngsters. And if you’re a mom who would like to get back into the job market, becoming a teacher is one of the most perfect positions you could hold, because:

  1. You’re assured of more than two months of vacation every year
    When you work at a school, you know you’re assured of a minimum number of vacation days every year because the students you teach are on vacation too. While you may have to go in to school for a few days after it closes and before it reopens, you do get to take at least two months off over the course of a year. Which other job offers you such a long period off work, with pay? Besides this, you get weekends off except under extenuating circumstances; so you’re able to devote time to household chores and bonding with your children and spouse.
  2. Your schedule is perfect when it comes to looking after your kids
    Most professionals find it hard to take off for a family vacation because they have to get both parents’ schedules to coincide with the kids’ vacation dates. The sheer logistics of this is enough to put most people off planning holidays. If you’re a teacher, your vacation will definitely coincide with that of your kids’, and if you’re spouse is able to take time off around the same period, it’s easy as pie to plan quality family vacations. Besides this, you’re also home when they are, thus making it possible to help them with homework or just spend the evening with them. Also, if you’re a single mom, it’s easy to be home when your child/children are home from school rather than entrusting them to a sitter and incurring additional expense.
  3. The stress level associated with the job is minimum
    While you do have a great deal of responsibility in looking after a class, handling lessons, and coping with difficult and trouble-maker kids, the stress level associated with being a teacher is low when compared to most other jobs. If you have a flair for teaching, if you love children, and if you don’t mind the occasional challenge thrown at you, then teaching is probably the best career for working moms.

Editor’s note: Sadly, this is how many education outsiders view teaching. For the reason, I posted the follow-up Do We Even Know How Most Outsiders View Our Jobs As Teachers

6 thoughts on “3 Reasons For Moms To Become Teachers

  1. Evidently Anna isn't a band director. There's no way I am guaranteed 2 months off work each year, unless you add up all of the Sundays and include them. And I know that band directing isn't the least stressful job in the world.

    But I ran this article because she makes some valid points as far as the scheduling advantages that come with teaching and being a mother. It sure beats being a greeter at Walmart!

  2. This is a terribly disappointing guest post for you to allow.

    It's pretty obvious to anybody who has ever been to school/has children in school (read: almost everybody) the advantages of the schedule for teachers. Then for her to top it off with saying that teaching is a low-stress job is just the icing on the pointless post cake.

  3. Minimum stress level? Um, yeah. I am a working mom who changed careers to teaching from a high-paid, high-stress career that required long hours. Teaching is lower paid, MORE stressful, and requires MORE hours, except in summer. I've had several jobs and a few careers, and teaching is the most stressful job I've ever had. If you teach in a multiple subject classroom or a "tested" subject in 7-12, the stress is nearly unbearable in many, if not most schools.

    Household chores on the weekend? Bonding time with the family? Hahahahaha!!!!!!!! During the school year, your family gets completely neglected because you spend your nights and weekends planning and correcting papers, and it's still never done. I can go to school on any given Saturday or Sunday and half our staff will be there, working.

    Further, this is a horrible time to go into teaching. There are no jobs, and those of us who are teaching (especially newer teachers) are being laid off by the hundreds of thousands due to budget cuts.

  4. You have no idea what you are talking about.
    1. Not anyone can be a teacher. It takes a dedication and love for the kids. People who get into this to get summers off burn out quick.

    2. The teachers I know who are parents say it is very hard because they don't have any decompression time. For most of them not even the drive home because either the kids go to the same school, or at least the same district. My district will transport a kid from their school to their parent's campus, which is nice.

    3. After school meetings. Teachers can't win with admin. If they leave their kid in their room during staff meetings and anything happens they get in trouble for unsupervised kids. If they bring the kids to the meetings, then they are violating privacy.

    4. Teaching is one of the most stressful jobs you can have. You hold a child's future in your hands. You are under constant pressure to "bring them up to grade level" Well if they have been behind grade level since PK it is kind of hard to get them up to standards in 4th or 5th grade.

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