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The Years Are Building Blocks: Part Five


This is a guest post by Drew, who currently teaches 7th Grade Texas History in the San Antonio area, where he has taught since 2004.

Maybe this job doesn’t pay enough for those with heavy material needs. But, working here has helped me with the most important part of my life.

10. Family – My comfort level with my material for class has improved each and every year. I spent Friday nights, usually until the wee Saturday morning hours, setting up lesson plans for the next week. I was never able to get ahead on my work. I had two preps and no lesson plans from other teachers to guide me. By November of this school year, I had stopped bringing work home on the weekends. If I did, nothing required late nights. With my daughter graduating from high school, I was able to focus on this, her last year at home before she heads off to college. I wrote a detailed diary of her last year as a gift to her. In it, I write about not only school events but also reflections about our family, our faith, and what the future holds in store for all of us. Whatever you can give back to your family will always be remembered more than any iPhone or computer or any other material good. Thank God for summers. Is this a great career, or what?