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This article was written by Jason, a high school junior high school student. The term repiteaching was created by Mister Teacher. I think the perspective that Jason takes here is interesting.

Repiteaching is the act of reteaching something already taught according to Mister Teacher. It is annoying to students and teachers alike.

I admit I need some repiteaching in English but it is annoying in Math. It’s boring after the teacher explains it about three times. Some people in my Honors class don’t pay attention until the review before the weekly test. That takes about half the class time and the class is usually shortened due to the weekly pep rallies in football season so we have little time due to the pep rally and repiteaching..

Repiteaching is also annoying for something taught in an earlier year or something taught earlier in the school year. I know my teacher is mad when she has to reteach what an isosceles triangle is after she taught it before a four day weekend.

Repiteaching is also time consuming. This is how a typical 64 minute class went. Current events/teacher venting about the other unhonors classes:10min. Check homework and repiteach:20min. Teach new lesson:20min. Work on assingment and homework:14min.

Repiteaching is very frequent during February when all the teachers are shoving review work down our throats before the ILEAP in March.

So what are your thoughts? Tell your thoughts while I try to remember what an isocoles triangle is.

7 thoughts on “Repiteaching

  1. Well,
    I think it’s important for teachers to “repiteach”. If they don’t many student may not “get” th material. Because there as so many different levels of learners in one classroom it’s the teachers job to ensure as many of those students keep pace.

  2. I agree about the repiteaching. Sometimes, teachers choose a bad time to introduce a new topic (right before a break). Sometimes, students wait until the review to learn it.

    Most often, I’ve found that the students never truly learned the topic in the first place. Ideally, topics need to be cut out of the curriculum so that we can teach the essentials and ensure that our students actually have time to learn them.

  3. The theory that things need to be repeated 3-8 times before they sink in is certainly valid. However, when I first coined the term “repiteaching” with my tongue firmly in my cheek (and if anyone used the term before me, I apologize), I wasn’t talking about the necessary repitition, using different learning strategies, etc. I meant verbatim repitition, necessary not because students didn’t “get” it, but because they just flat out weren’t listening, or didn’t care.

    I’m talking about having to teach the topic of symmetry to my kids as if they had never heard the concept before, when I know for a fact that they learned it in 1st grade and practiced it even more in 2nd grade. And then having them forget about it towards the end of 3rd grade! I’m talking about my kids being REALLY REALLY good at rounding when we cover that topic, but then acting like “rounding” is a foreign nonsense word 3 months later…

    I think Jason hit the nail on the head when he said some students just don’t pay attention until it seemingly matters for them.

  4. Jason, you seem like a very intelligent student! Based on the quality of your writing, I would guess you probably don’t need the repiteaching as much as other students. When you go into college and you can learn and progress at your own pace, you’ll really excel!

    However, I can tell you as a teacher that some students do need the repiteaching. Teachers look for evidence that their students understand one concept before moving on to another one. If students can’t prove they know something, the teacher has to decide whether to repiteach it, or leave the students behind in the dust. (And we all know how the gov’t feels about leaving students behind.)

    Repiteaching also serves to reinforce concepts students have already learned. Even if you hear something once and understand it, you may not be able to recall the information under pressure, like when taking an important test. Teachers want to make sure their students know something so well they can do it in their sleep. I know as a music teacher, I would not want to perform a piece of music my students have only played “correctly” once. Even as a performer, I feel much more confident knowing that I have had several good run throughs before getting in front of an audience.

    You might also consider the alternative to repiteaching: brand new information every day. Most people (even adults!) can’t handle too many concepts thrown at them in a short period of time, and need a chance to digest and process the information they’ve learned. I know I’ve taken courses where I’ve wished the professor would just spend a little more time reviewing previous lessons instead of bulldozing through an overloaded syllabus.

    Again, Jason, your teacher must think very highly of you to invite you to guest post on this blog. Good for you!

  5. Jason’s Perspective is of any student who doesnt quite need the repiteaching, But even if you do not think you need the repiteaching It is nice to have the review.

  6. I have figured out a major problem with teachers having to repiteach. Many teachers have an auditory teaching method. THey should also have a little bit of visual and kinesthetic teaching with it.

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