The Evolution of Marching – 1977-1982 [VIDEO]

117937_band_hatsAs we close out the school year and begin looking toward the summer, band directors turn their minds toward marching arts.

This year, I’m going through some history and exploring The Evolution of Marching via YouTube. I’m taking you along for the journey as well. Yesterday, we saw some classic footage from the first five years of DCI. Today, we’ll look at the next six years.

1977 – Blue Devils
I can’t find a video! I did find one of the Kilties from 1977 (11th Place) though.

1978 – Santa Clara Vanguard
Embedding disabled. Click here to watch the excerpt.

Here’s the 1978 Phantom Regiment (2nd place) finale.

1979 – Blue Devils
Video unavailable. Here is the 1979 Guardsmen (7th Place). Notice by this point the “pit” section has evolved for the concert percussion instruments.

1980 – Blue Devils

1981 – Santa Clara Vanguard
Video unavailable. Here is the Blue Devils (2nd Place).

1982 – Blue Devils

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