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The Years Are Building Blocks: Part Three


This is a guest post by Drew, who currently teaches 7th Grade Texas History in the San Antonio area, where he has taught since 2004.

A wise investment is just that. Find ways to invest in your school and yourself.

6. Next year – To complement our emphasis on relationships at school, I will be leading a field trip to Washington, D.C. in 2011. This requires advance planning and nothing matches the looks I get from the students who will be attending. You can just see the excitement in their eyes. In others there is dread because their parents and siblings will be joining them.

7. Professional Development – My personal fav. I did the first-ever book study with ATPE at I read a really great book and provided weekly feedback at their website. It was good for 9 CPE hours, and the other teachers insights were eye-openers. As a result, I have committed my Pre-AP class to reading a book for ATPE and then submitting lessons and questions about it. Our work will be published on their website in March 2011. I also did the CHAMPS course through Region 20. If you are frustrated in your room, find this course somewhere. I will use much of what I learned in the coming year. Hint: Your positive attitude shows through in everything you do, even how you set up your room for your new students.