2008 Edublog Award Nominations

789161_trophyNominations are open for the 2008 Edublog Awards. This is an opportunity to recognize outstanding Edubloggers for all of their hard work and service to the Edublogging community. Since Thanksgiving is the time for sharing, I thought I’d nominate a few outstanding blogs here. It’s hard to narrow it down, but these are the ones that came to mind now. Ask me again in an hour and they might all change…

  1. Best individual blogCreating Lifelong Learners (Matthew Needleman)
  2. Best group blog -Teacher Magazine Blogboard
  3. Best resource sharing blogSuccessful Teaching (Pat)
  4. Most influential blog postCell phone cameras in the K-12 classroom: Punishable offenses or student-citizen journalism? (Dangerously Irrelevant)
  5. Best teacher blogLearn Me Good (John Pearson)

There are 14 categories, but I chose these five. Which blogs would you nominate? Check out the site, blog about it, and nominate them!

On an unrelated note, I have recently started my own personal (non-educational) blog. Feel free to contact me if you are genuinely interested in reading it. :)

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