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Jeopardy Champ Has Shocking Plan To Overhaul Education, And It Just Might Work!

This article by John Pearson will leave you scratching your head to figure out why you never thought of this simple solution before.

john pearson on jeopardy

With schools and students increasingly getting technology and finding themselves “on-line,” it’s probably time that we as educators start adapting our academic“hooks” to fit the times. Since so many ads and sites shamelessly use clickbait headlines, I thought it would be a good idea to start a little list going of similar approaches we could take.

Please feel free to add your own

  1. Here’s a homework sheet with 10 word problems — Number 5 will shock you!
  2. The cafeteria served smiley-face potato wedges. You won’t believe what happened next!
  3. This video will prove you’ve been estimating wrong your whole life!
  4. You’ll never look at geometry the same way once you see these unbelievable pictures!
  5. 9 easy tricks that make long division easy enough for a kindergartener!
  6. With this one weird trick, you’ll never have problems with fractions again!
  7. 18 secrets about Texas history your teachers never wanted you to know.
  8. He destroyed the STAAR test. Now he’s speaking out.
  9. 11 facts your science textbook left out. You’ll never be the same after reading number 2!
  10. Top 37 facts about prime numbers
  11. 5 super secret math hacks
  12. Your calculator is lying to you, but you’ll never believe why
  13. A fresh look at the quadratic formula
  14. This math problem has been stumping 12 year olds for decades. Watch how one 8 year old solves it in SECONDS.

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