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25 Free Apps And Websites For Tech-Loving Teachers

This article was originally written in 2009. Some of the sites are no longer active, and there are undoubtedly newer and better sites and apps for tech-loving teachers now. Feel free to add them in the comments section.

25 Apps and Websites for Tech-Loving Teachers

Whether you’re looking for ways to incorporate technology into the classroom or into your daily life, the Internet has the tools you need. There are lots of free web apps and websites designed specifically for tech-loving teachers on a tight budget:

  1. VerbaLearn – VerbaLearn is a comprehensive vocabulary building site that uses audio, video, flashcards, and games. It is a great place for teachers to help students improve English vocabulary at home or school.
  2. Writewith – This free web app makes writing online a snap. Writewith allows you to upload documents, assign tasks, chat, collaborate, and track everyone’s changes and progress.
  3. Chalksite – Chalksite is a quick and easy way to expand your classroom onto the web. This innovative site allows teachers to assign homework, grades, messages, and more.
  4. Phonevite – Phonevite is a free online voice broadcasting system that can be used to send alerts, reminders, follow-ups, and cancellations to parents, students, and other teachers. The system works by sending your recorded message to your social media sites and pre-inserted phone numbers.
  5. Edmodo – Edmodo is a micro blogging site like Twitter but it is specifically designed for students and teachers. It can be used to send reminders, assignments, notes, files, and more.
  6. Oovoo – This free online video chat allows you to talk to up to six people at once. Oovoo is a perfect for teachers who want to conduct online conferences with parents or chat with colleagues.
  7. Classroom 2.0 – Classroom 2.0 is an online social network created for teachers. It is an excellent platform to discuss technology, find events, and collaborate with colleagues.
  8. Education World – Teachers looking for tools and templates to increase productivity in the classroom will enjoy Education World. This site has great features like assessment tools, awards, bulletin boards, calendars, and more.
  9. Empressr – Empressr is a media presentation tool that can be used to create classroom presentations with text, images, audio, and video.
  10. TeachAde – This free social networking site was specifically designed for educators who want to collaborate on projects and share lesson plans. TeachAde also features informational blogs and other tools teachers will enjoy.
  11. Moodle – This popular software package allows teachers to create free educational courses and websites. Moodle is a good place to teach an online course or create websites for students to study.
  12. – is a free web app that streamlines the brainstorming process. It can be used to create colorful mind maps, organize thoughts, and share ideas with the classroom.
  13. Evernote – Evernote lets you capture all your thoughts, lists, notes, assignments, and more across a variety of devices.
  14. TeachStrong – TeachStrong is an online learning community for educators with information, tips, and tools relating to digital technologies.
  15. FlashcardExchange – Any teacher that uses flashcards will love this high-tech alternative. FlashcardExchange can be used to make, study, and share flashcards online.
  16. Mikogo – Mikogo is a free screen-sharing program that allows teachers to have online meetings, conferences, or give students online support.
  17. Bookgoo – Bookgoo makes it easy to upload homework and reports and then highlight and annotate them online.
  18. Diigo – Ever wish you could highlight and add sticky notes to the web? Diigo lets you do that. This handy web app also allows you to share your finding with others.
  19. MyStickies – A better alternative to traditional bookmarking, MyStickies allows you to add digital sticky notes to web pages. Stickies can be sorted searched, edited, and browsed from any computer.
  20. Academhack – Academhack is an online blog loaded with tips and tricks for introducing new technology into academics.
  21. Notely – Although Notely was created for students, this web app can also serve as an online time management tool for teachers who need to get organized. Notely offers a calendar, to-do lists, a homework organizer, course manager, and a note taker.
  22. Web-chops – Web-chops makes it extremely easy to collect, organize, and share web content. Teachers can use it to display reports or present information to a class.
  23. Teaching Today – This site is created for teachers wishing to learn innovative new techniques for teaching. Teaching Today offers articles, lesson, tools, and an online community of colleagues for questions.
  24. 4Teachers – 4Teachers is a good website for teachers who want to integrate technology into the classroom. The site offers tips and resources to find web lessons, quizzes, and classroom calendars.
  25. Keep and Share – Keep and Share is a free and secure way to share files with your students. Things that can be shared include files, to-do lists, calendars, documents, bookmarks, and photos.

Karen is the Guide to Business School. She also writes for, an online college class resource.

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Karen Schweitzer
Karen is the Guide to Business School. She also writes for, an online college class resource.

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  2. Thanks for the post. Wow, a good selection. Tech-Loving Teachers will appreciate it. I guess I am the first of them. I am glad that there are persons who share useful information with colleagues. It is a rarity now.

  3. I am the founder of the professional networking group Technology Integration in Education on Linkedin and Ning with over 2500 members combined. This site has given me a great list of additional resources to use with educators, professionals and andministrators world wide. Thank you for your sharing. If anyone who visits this site would live to join us in discussion and sharing on a regular basis, you can join us at or join our gro on at

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