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Weekend Wrapup 08/13/07

1083573_gift_wrapping_1Another week begins. Now that Summer Band is in full swing, I am reminded how difficult and full my schedule is during the fall. My blogging will come when it comes. :) Now on with the wrapup…

CaliforniaTeacherGuy has accepted a position in Small Desert Town. He recently received a letter from the superintendent. One of the huge advantages to a small district is that the administration is more involved. I once interviewed in a district where the principal taught history, and the superintendent taught math. He actually came into the interview when he reached a break from mowing the football field!

If you get in today or early tomorrow, My Education Junction has a contest. I realize that by posting this, I lower my chances of winning, but I increase her traffic. It’s a hit I’m willing to take. Maybe she’ll send me a Hershey’s bar anyway, because she loves me. :)

Chief Happiness Officer points out ten toxic results of complaining at work. I love this guy.

New blogger Bill Cecil, recently named Michigan Teacher of the Year gives us a recipe for having your best year ever. Looks like some great advice and I will be sure to watch this guy’s blog in the future. Looks like it’s going to be tremendous!

I don’t normally do this, but I feel this issue is important and want as much feedback as possible. The final link is to my own blog. I want you to help me change the world. You can help. You know you wanna…

Joel Wagner
Joel Wagner (<strong><a href="">@sywtt</a></strong>) began teaching band in 2002. Though he had a lot of information, his classes were out of control. He found himself tired, frustrated, disrespected by students, lonely, and on the brink of quitting. He had had enough. He resigned from his school district right before spring break of his second year and made it his personal mission to learn to be a great teacher. <strong><a href="">So You Want To Teach?</a></strong> is the ongoing story of that quest for educational excellence.

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