5 Guilty Pleasures On My iPod

512503_ipodThe 4th edition of the Music Education Blog Carnival is up over at Teacher in a Strange Land. Our beloved host Nancy asks the question, “What five songs on your iPod do you consider guilty pleasures?”

It’s difficult to boil it down here with over 11,000 tracks (somewhere around 5,000 songs and 6,000 sermons) on my iPod, but I’ll see what I can come up with.

Here they are:

  1. The Devil Went Down To Georgia performed by Mariachi Sol De Mexico
    The song itself is not too off target for a Texas boy, but the fact that I recorded this off of a live performce video on YouTube makes it all the more funny. Mariachi Sol De Mexico’s trumpets and violins totally rock, by the way.
  2. Constance by Mr. J Medeiros
    This is a heartbreaking rap song about a 13-year old Filipino girl who is raped so that she can be video taped and put on some online porn site. Not the standard choice of lyrics for any song. It’s the only rap I have on my iPod.
  3. 100% Mariachi album by Mariachi Mexico
    Some really good trumpet stuff on here. I have no clue what any of the songs say, but I like to listen to them. Haha.
  4. So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt by Keith Green
    Old school late 70s early 80s Keith Green. I absolutely love his music and what he did for Christian music. I despise what happened to the Christian music industry after his life was lost in a plane crash, and most Christian music these days churns my stomach.
  5. The Ringing Bell album by Derek Webb
    Derek represents what is good in contemporary Christian music. The former member of Caedmon’s call started his solo career and his lyrics have incredible depth, push the envelope, and actually say something of substance instead of just singing love songs to Jesus, as so many other artists seem to do.

What about you? Let me know about the 5 guilty pleasures on your iPod as well. Post on your site with a link to this article, or just leave comments!

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6 Comments on 5 Guilty Pleasures On My iPod

  1. Hey Joel,

    I’ve subscribed to your blog via RSS feed for a while; great work you’re doing here.

    I’m also a Derek Webb fan, and I agree with what you’ve said (especially about lyrical depth and pushing the envelope – Wedding Dress is an incredible song for that), but I believe he is actually a member of Caedmon’s Call again as of the last album (Overdressed).

    Keep on blogging; it’s good stuff.


  2. Well fine then! His stuff totally rocks. I first fell in love with CC when I heard Share The Well. Then a friend pointed me to Indelible Grace and their modern versions of hymns. Then Matthew Smith played a concert here and I hung out with him at IHOP. Then I found Derek’s solo stuff, and became hooked. If you haven’t heard those others, look into them. Amazing artists.

    My friend’s brother played “She Must And Shall Go Free” at his wedding.

  3. I’ll list mine by band:

    1. The English Beat. I was a huge fan in high school, and rediscovered their music thanks to iTunes.

    2. The New Mastersounds. Killer old-school grooves.

    3. Lettuce. 21st century Tower of Power meets Earth, Wind & Fire.

    4. Soulive. Funky music by players with killer chops.

    5. The Ocean’s Eleven soundtrack. David Holmes’ original music, plus groovy tunes like Perry Como’s “Papa Loves Mambo,” and Elvis’ “Satisfy Me.”

  4. @Stengel99 – Oceans Eleven is definitely good. Isn’t that the one that threw in some Claire De Lune at the end? Great stuff.

    Oddly enough, I actually loved the Water World soundtrack back when I was in high school. The movie was pretty much a flop, but the music was good. :)

  5. I’ll have to admit.. The Devil Went Down To Georgia is one of my favorite songs also being a country boy and all. I’ll have to take a look at the other 4 as they are new to me. Great list Joel.

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