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  • I’m on two social networking sites, in addition to my blog, and maintaining two email accounts. I try to keep my personal and work email accounts separate, and that helps a lot. However, I tend to check my work email at home, but, I’m trying to do less of that, especially on the weekends and during vacations.

    I like all of the connectivity. It allows me to communicate with people that I otherwise would not. I don’t like being on the telephone after a long day at school, unless of course it’s a family member.

    Sometimes, like you say, Joel, one has to unplug. I stopped Twittering for several months. I think we need to decide which platforms are the most meaningful and useful to us. For me, it’s email and Facebook for direct communication with friends. Twitter – well, I like it, but, it’s not the most important tool in my life.

  • Cool! I am working to decrease my time in front of electronic devices. Doing things like going outside to look at stars (when you’re 3 hours away from the nearest city with a population of 200,000 or more, stars are beautiful), walking, learning to cook, practicing my trumpet, etc.

    I just forwarded school emails that are directly addressed to me. They don’t even show up in my Inbox, so they just come to Gmail and if they have important info in them, I’ll look at them when I get home or whatever. It works. :)