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Reader Appreciation: Mister Teacher

November is Reader Appreciation Month at So You Want To Teach? Today’s featured reader is Mister Teacher.


Name: Mister Teacher
Location:Near Dallas, TX
Occupation: Teacher, 3rd grade math and science
Blog: Learn Me Good

Tell me some of your favorite things about your job
My coworkers are great, I enjoy all of the funny stories that my job provides, my job is NEVER EVER boring, and when I am finally able to actually TEACH, I feel very rewarded when that little light bulb goes off.

Tell me some things you loved about your favorite teacher(s)
Kept things interesting, used humor, was encouraging.

List some of your most effective classroom management strategies
I do the same stuff as Jack Bauer on 24. No, just kidding. I’ve taken to giving my classes high fives as they enter and exit the room, and that seems to up the morale a bit. I also have the kids seated in table arrangements, and so I give tally marks to tables for doing the right thing–ie being the first to have all members with homework turned in or with book open to the right page, etc. This has sped up transitions immensely.

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