Can Wii Do It?

January 4, 2010 Joel Wagner 0

Carol Richtsmeier made me do it. She has pretty much shamed me (guilted me perhaps?) into blogging through my weight loss this year with her. […]

Wake Up Call

August 19, 2009 Joel Wagner 15

I went to the dentist yesterday morning to get work done. They took my blood pressure before they started doing anything and it came out […]

SYWTT Voicemail

July 19, 2009 Joel Wagner 2

I recently got my Google Voice invitation and decided to set it up. In playing around with the settings this afternoon, I realized that I […]


June 15, 2009 Joel Wagner 0

Andy Zweibel (whom I’ve been following on Twitter for a while now — @Zweibz7) just started up a blog specifically focusing on topics concerning Music […]

Almost Finished

June 2, 2009 Joel Wagner 0

We are halfway through the Total Teacher Transformation series. I’ve been pretty much forced to take a break from it because of the busyness of […]

No Rights Reserved

April 26, 2009 Joel Wagner 9

This blog is about sharing ideas. The ideas and conversation are far more important than me personally. For that reason, you are hereby free to […]

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